Carl Lewis: Diet + Meditation

Carl Lewis, nine-time Olympic gold medalist, has been active for the last three decades in early childhood development programs, especially as they pertain to athletics.

He has been involved with dozens of charities that promote sports amongst youth and is currently planning an initiative to offer his wisdom and experience to parents and coaches.

Carl recently launched Fit Forever, an interactive website where he offers personalized instruction, diet tips and a community for like-minded athletes to congregate and share information and inspiration.

Watch this video, where Carl touches on his current initiatives for children and speaks about the importance of diet in his training. He speaks about switching to a vegan diet at age 30, after which he set all of his personal bests. Carl also touches on how he uses meditation for improving his athletic performance.

Sri Chinmoy’s Early Life

Sri Chinmoy was born in present-day India (East Bengal) in 1931. At the age of 11, his parents died within the span of 6 months of one another.

He was taken by his elder brothers and sisters to continue his education at an ashram (spiritual community) in South India led by revolutionary-turned-sage Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy, though rooted in Indian tradition, was highly dynamic and he attracted numerous followers from the West, including Margaret Wilson, the daughter of President Woodrow Wilson. In his ashram, the Cambridge-educated saint provided ample opportunity for the development of the physical.

Sri Chinmoy found at a young age an inherent talent for athletics. He reigned as the ashram 100-meter champion for 11 straight years, the decathlon champion twice and captained the soccer team.

In this video, watch Sri Chinmoy describe the connection between the meditation and physical fitness.