Early Standing Calf Raise Lift

In this clip, watch Sri Chinmoy on a standard calf raise machine lift 1000 pounds. His lifting style was not orthodox. He was not trying to compete with any existing records and saw no need to adopt standard form. He simply wanted to show that with old age, potential need not necessarily diminish.

Hope does not surrender to
Old age.
Hope is always ready
To inspire and energise human beings
Irrespective of age.

– Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy Lifts a Boat

In this clip, watch Sri Chinmoy lift a boat on a modified standing calf raise platform.


O my Boat, O my Boatman,
O message of Transcendental Delight,
Carry me. My heart is thirsty and hungry,
And it is fast asleep at the same time.
Carry my heart to the other shore.
The dance of death I see all around.
The thunder of destruction indomitable I hear.
O my inner Pilot, You are mine,
You are the Ocean of Compassion infinite
In You I lose myself,
My all in You I lose.

– Sri Chinmoy