Natabara Rollosson (director, producer)

Natabara is a seasoned United Nations consultant having participated in a number of landmark programs for the environment under the auspices of various UN agencies. He had advised on a number of development initiatives including the World Harmony Run and has contributed to PSAs and documentaries including Angelina Jolie’s A Place in Time. Natabara developed this film and was the true force driving the pre-production and filming.

Sanjay Rawal (producer, director)

Sanjay has advised nonprofits and governments on humanitarian initiatives for nearly ten years. He also led the Tribeca marketing campaign for Abigail Disney and Gini Reticker’s award winning film Pray the Devil Back to Hell in 2008. Sanjay’s first film Ocean Monk premiered in 2010 and went on to win several awards including Best Short Documentary (Festivals Online Competition) at the St.Louis Film Festival and an Official Best of Fest Award. Sanjay runs the Illumine Group.

Mridanga Spencer (producer)

Mridanga has traveled the world producing news footage and short documentaries, getting access to dozens of luminaries like President Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Mother Teresa. Mridanga captured much of the archival footage featured in Challenging Impossibility from his role as Sri Chinmoy’s videographer. Mridanga runs Anglia Productions.

Abakash Konopiaty (co-producer)

Abakash was one of the main spokespersons for Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting activities and served as a go-between for Sri Chinmoy and the strength community. Abakash is an artist and photographer and runs the Manifestation-Glow Press in Queens, New York.

Bishwas Polissar (co-producer)

Bishwas was one of the chief engineers of Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting and training equipment. He hails from Seattle, Washington and regularly produces free community meditation and cultural events in New York City.

Parichayaka Hammerl (composer)

Trained in classical music from his childhood in Austria, Parichayaka worked in the fashion and graphic design industry, returning to his roots as a musician and composer with the award winning Ocean Monk. His has produced a wide range of pieces from sweeping orchestral soundtracks to soulful arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s haunting compositions.