Pop-Up Gallery Featured in NY Times

The Feats of Strength Pop-Up Gallery at 18 Jay Street was featured in the New York Times “Spare Times” section on Friday April 22nd.

“Feats of Strength Pop-Up Museum (Friday through Thursday) World-famous athletes will attend screenings, hold lectures, sign books and give informal talks on fitness and health, strength training, meditation, the mind-body connection and the teachings of the fitness guru Sri Chinmoy at this museum. The events coincide with the premiere of ‘Challenging Impossibility’ at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday; meet the cast, including the Olympic sprinter Carl Lewis and the former New York Jet and bodybuilder Mike Katz, at the museum on Saturday. Hours: daily from noon to 8 p.m. 18 Jay Street, TriBeCa , (212) 380-8153; free.”